Painters Week with the Profitable

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*Love to paint and always looking for ways to create more products quickly with amazing results?

*Looking for unique and trendy SVGs and tutorials that are already done with less stress and worry on your end?

*Desperate to find a nice girls sign making community where you can swap tips and tricks, learn and be creative together?

Have we got the ULTIMATE week, full of fun!  Join us in our Painter’s Week!

Hey, I’m Ashley.

And I, like you, am a sign maker.

In fact my retail company RiOak creates over 800 signs a month and ships them around the world.

With 9 years of making signs under my belt, I have made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot of tricks. And I love sharing my tips and tricks with .

In this challenge, you will get a taste of what it’s like to be a part of our Creative Maker Movement with…

*5 SVG designs

*A full tutorial using the SVGs and a supply list for the tutorial

*A Makers Moments lesson with me on the most common sizes of signs I sell along with my pricing information.

*My fall color trends

*And a bonus tutorial where I show how to use those same designs on other materials besides wood! 

*Plus a virtual paint party with me where I will be painting as many signs as possible in an hour with my reusable stencils.

And did I mention the SVGs come with a commercial use license? That’s right it includes a license to make products to sell with my SVGs. (We don’t allow  the selling of physical stencils of the designs or selling or distributing the SVG files.) But you can make signs, tote bags, shirts, mugs…go make some sales!

Don’t miss all the amazingness that is Painter’s Week!

This is the first time we’ve ever offered so much during a Painters Week!

How Does it Work?

We will accept everyone into the group on Friday July 23 so be patient as you wait after you request to join!

 The workshop will begin July 26th and every video will have replays easily located in the group in case you can’t join live.

You will receive access to 5 svgs that you can use both for the challenge and for your business or personal use. That’s right! These 5 SVGs designed by me are available for you to put on signs and SELL! I am all about us being PROFITABLE sign makers. So make some money.  (We do ask that you do NOT sell physical stencils of these designs…but that’s the limit.)

I will be showing you an amazing tutorial using the SVG designs I created for you. So even if after seeing the awesome designs, you are stuck on what to make, don’t worry. I am full of ideas. And I am giving them to you step by step.

You will get the chance to participate in our super fun paint party! You can paint along or even try to beat me painting your signs with vinyl and me painting mine with reusable stencils. All the while I will tell you how reusable stencils transformed my sign making business and truly made me a PROFITABLE sign maker.

What do Past Challengers Say?

The SVGs Ashley designs are so on trend and perfect for each season. I love seeing her vision in the tutorials she does every month and then I love participating in the challenge because it really gets me motivated to create. I especially love seeing everyone else’s take on Ashley’s awesome designs.


Teresa G

I loved the Painter’s Week. Ashley’s designs are always ahead of the trends. A month or so after she releases her SVGs they are trending. Its like she knows what is coming! You don’t want to miss the challenge to see how many signs Ashley can create using her mylar vs you using vinyl stencils! It is so much fun!


Linda B 

I only had one of the big stencils cut because I knew Ashley would be waaaaay finished with all 9 of hers before I got to them anyways! This was so fun! The designs are super cute. I think I have found my people! 

Tiffany B

It was so awesome to participate in the Painters Week. Ashley gives us the SVGs and then we get to be creative with them. Plus we get to see all the different ways others take the same challenge SVGs and come up with something so amazing. I look forward to the challenges so I can stretch my imagination.

Laura G