Meet Ashley Raetz

I am Ashley…a momma of two, a wife to my high school sweetheart and a creative maker and business owner for the last 9 years. It’s rare to see me without a coffee cup in my hand. I’m addicted, so much so that my tagline is “Cheers from my coffee cup to yours!” I started my business at my kitchen table when I was 7 months pregnant and looking for a way to make some extra income to help pay for daycare. I already had a career and was working toward being a nursing home administrator.  Not what you expected? Me neither. But with steady work, this little business started to grow and take on a life of its own. At that point, I realized that my life story was about to make a major change

I am the typical American Dream story. A few years ago I painted signs at my kitchen table and now my husband and I work at this business full-time and also have 3 full-time employees. We make high-quality handmade products that are shipped around the world. I’ve learned and succeeded in selling on every major platform there is for creative handmade products. And I can teach you to do the same.

What Have I Accomplished?

I have a multiple six-figure business selling handmade creative products throughout the United States and around the world.
I have 8,000 sales on Etsy after less than three years of selling.
I have had 3 top 100 sellers on Amazon Handmade after selling there for two years.
I have curated a top performing system using Facebook groups as a way to sell thousands of dollars in products.
I have years of experience in craft fairs, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, live sales, Etsy, Amazon Handmade, website sales, a wholesale website, pop up sales, juried craft shows and more.

I’ve created three memberships with thousands of students and members learning from me each and every month.

I’ve created a signature course that has helped hundreds take that next step and many have achieved their 6 figure plus goals. 

I have created strategies to earn over 20K in affiliate earnings and passive earning opportunities.

From the day I started until now, I have added multiple streams of revenue to my business to make it well over a multiple six figure income. And do you want to know how?
I will be honest with you, thousands and thousands of hours worth of work, a lot of product launch failures, many tears, but more successes than I can count.

I took my kitchen table and turned it into the American Dream for me and for my family. I can teach you how to do that, too.

My mission is to teach creative entrepreneurs the skills, tips, tricks, resources, and techniques needed to learn at their own pace to grow the business of their dreams.

What Will I Help You Accomplish?

So why after all that success am I here now?

I have a degree in social work, and for me, teaching and helping others has always been a huge source of fulfillment. Over the last 2 years I have had an overwhelming response from other creative entrepreneurs that message with questions or to ask me for advice. And it caused me to ask myself a new question.

What if I can help other women do the same thing that I have done?

I know I can.

I want to be your business coach, but I want to be one that is different than any other out there. I don’t want to tell you that there is one way and one way only to run your business. You run your business. I want to teach you the skills, tips, tricks, resources, and tried and true techniques that you need to know so that you can learn on your own schedule and grow your business to be exactly the dream you want it to be. And I know exactly how to do that.

I know you may be overwhelmed right now with your business. You may not know what to do next. Or maybe you know where you are going with your business, but could use some help from someone who’s been down that road to let you know the mistakes to avoid, and the sights to see along the way that you don’t want to miss. I’m your girl. I know the road you are walking. I know that the pile of beautiful handmade dreams on your kitchen table has an audience waiting to be reached. And that audience is going to love them and love you. That’s what I am going to teach you. I will show you how to find and grow your audience and how to make your creative dreams come true. Are you ready to get started?