Crack the Code for
Online Selling

Hello, hello! I’m Ashley, and I am the founder of Creative Strategies.

And what makes me qualified to teach you how to sell more product online?

I currently make and sell a ton of product online!!

That’s right, I’m not a business coach who used to sell online. I currently run a highly profitable retail business where I create and sell on Facebook, my own website, Etsy, and Amazon Handmade. I am still in the game, using the exact same strategies I will teach you! I’ve been able to grow my business from a part-time gig at my kitchen table to a 6 figure plus business with my own full-time employees and continued growth and expansion year after year.

Sound like something you want for your business? Something you DESERVE for your business?

I hear you!  And I agree!

But more important than what I have been able to do in MY business….

is what I’ve been able to help countless STUDENTS do in their businesses! For me to be any good to you, I’ve got to be able to take all the stuff in my head that has made my business grow and find a way to give it to you. And that’s what I’ve been doing with my students. Their stories show that I know what I’m doing. We are changing lives here!

I want you to know that where I am at in my business

and where each of my amazing students have climbed to, has been because of HARD work! I started out trying to make enough money on the side to pay for daycare. That was the goal. I was a hardworking mom of 1 with another on the way. I had my hands, some paint, a kitchen table, and a dream. So believe me when I say that you can do this! You can crack this code of online selling. You can make your dreams come true. Because this is really about YOU!

What you will get from the Creative Codebook Course:

Need more comments, likes, and shares on your business page? Our Facebook Course will teach you how to build a super engaged page, grow a mega fan following, and learn to sell out your products from a Facebook business page.

• Want to learn how to turn a Facebook group into a selling machine for your business? Our signature Facebook Groups Course will show you exactly how to set up, grow, and create a group that has a feeding frenzy for your product. We have literally helped our students create fans who are begging to buy their products!

• Thinking about selling on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, or your own website? Want to use Pinterest to drive traffic? You need our SEO for Sellers Course. Learn how SEO for Sellers really works, how to find and leverage keywords and how to get the eyeballs you need to sell more product online.

Plus get 24/7 Access to the course content forever along with 7 weeks of guided learning and live group coaching in an exclusive Facebook Group.

Open Q&A times each week for your questions about course materials and your business needs. Exclusive workbooks to help you work through the content. The opportunity at the end of 7 weeks to continue as a member and gain access to even more trainings on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, Pinterest, Shopify, Email Marketing, Blogging, Shipping, and tons of bonuses we have NEVER offered to anyone before!

Need Help?

While our enrollment for the Creative Codebook Course only opens a couple of times each year, we have awesome resources available to help small business owners sell more product online. Our free Facebook group provides community and a free monthly training.


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If you are ready to make your business profitable now, to get the eyes you need on your products, and the support you deserve to make your dreams come true then join creative codebook and watch for something amazing coming for you and your business!

How Does it Work?

With your purchase of the Creative Codebook Course, you get access to a 7 week comprehensive training with all materials and a dedicated community to rally around you as you move your business forward using Target Market, Facebook Business Pages, Facebook Groups, and the Basics of Keyword Research and SEO.

After purchasing the course you and the rest of your class will receive instructions, course materials and the exclusive community where training and live group Q&A sessions will occur. We will welcome you into the community and your business transformation will begin. Our students have changed their lives with this course. Are you next?

We guide you through the 7 weeks of course materials with exclusive workbooks, video trainings, bonuses and real live access to your business coach. This is not a “here’s the book, figure it out yourself” type of course. We are here to guide and help every step of the way. You aren’t just getting amazing course materials. You are getting a real life six figure + seller and a real life SEO expert to hold your hand and brainstorm your roadblocks at every step of the training.

Once you have this foundation with the Creative Codebook Course, you are ready to add a platform that will work for you and your business.  Want to learn Etsy? Want To learn Amazon Handmade? Or what about Pinterest? You will have the option to join our next level Creative Connections Membership filled with a community, all of those courses and more that are ready to help you take your business to the next level. The best part is, not only do you get access to ALL of these other trainings when you decide to become a member but you also get to be a part of an even larger supportive community set up exactly as your Creative Codebook Course.


“The training in the Creative Codebook Course make online selling manageable, attainable and not so overwhelming. The training offered within the group provides step by step visuals and workbooks to help you and your business succeed in selling online. Their tools + your products= success.”

-Shannon Rhoderick, Memorable Design

“Ashley’s trainings in Facebook and Live Sales have amped up my business to 4X what I had last year! Live Sales have opened my market so much that I shipped to over 30 states compared to only 5 before finding Ashley!! Her trainings are in perfect small pieces that make learning very easy to do even in the small amount of time I have due to still working part time. If you are wanting to increase your business, Ashley has so many ways to help you grow and increase your productivity!!”

-Lisa Henkenius, Lisa’s Little Things

“I was always so scared to do a live sale. Ashley’s encouragement and her live sale plan gave me the push to do it! I never dreamed that my first live sale would profit me almost $800. Finding my target market and the SEO training have been so helpful. I can’t thank you and Sarah enough. I couldn’t imagine not continuing learning from you both! So from Kentucky to Missouri, I am giving you a huge hug! 


Kelly Kirby, Hands and Feet Designs


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