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Welcome to Creative Strategies with Ashley Raetz! As a sign maker from Missouri, I have achieved success on multiple selling platforms including: nearly 5K sales on Etsy, 3 top 100 sellers on Amazon, sell out nights on Facebook, and hosting my own juried craft show. If there is a selling platform for handmade products, chances are that I have done it. And now I want to help you conquer all of those areas too! Knowledge and successful strategies do not fit into a box. There is more than one great way to run a successful business. And that is exactly what Creative Strategies is going to teach you, how to find a strategy that works for you and your business.


I met Ashley years ago in another group and her spirit and spunk resonated with me. She then met me in a private coaching session. I’m still learning from her and acting on what she has been teaching me. Her energy is a magnet.

Angie Kay Loth

I’ve known Ashley for years. I was fortunate to work with her on a professional level during my previous job, and I’m even more fortunate to call her a friend now. Working with her is nothing short of amazing. To see her wheels turn, and hear her ideas is incredibly inspiring.  She is sincere and genuine, and radiates inspiration. I love her story, and I love working with her. I remember that first job she did for us at the casino. They were completely floored, and impressed by her social platform. The day she called me to tell me about quitting her job, I knew she was going to fly.

Nicole Rice

I came to know Ashley through a Facebook group and immediately knew she was genuine. She freely shared how her business grew and truly wanted to help others. I even drove 4 hours to meet her in person! As time went on, I learned so much from Ashley about marketing my business. Listening to her made me realize I can do it and I will.

Shari Borrowman